Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Cool music

On the long drives in the oval to Spa in Belgium or in the old days the vw euro in Holland, I have often missed having some music (I drive 6volt, 12v aren´t for real men :-))
My friend Thomas came up with this brilliant idea!
Why not take a old vintage cooler (many of us have these anyway as t look cool in these old cars) and put a battery in it along with a litle amplifer and a battery, and then hook it up to a mp player or ipod.
So that is what we did, and it seems to be able to play 15-20hours before a recharging is neccesary.
It´s going to be cool cruising to Hannover in 1 week from now listening to some nice tunes, besides the obvious ones as the Judson/Abarth exhaust :-)

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