Friday, 4 April 2008

Tri power

As several people know I am not only a big accessory fan, but also vintage speed fan, and the last 3 months or so I have been following a really interesting thread on
It´s about a 30ps engine with 3 carbs!!
It sits in Lupe Moya´s 57 cab located in Round Rock, Tx.
Here is Lupe´s own words about how this rare and cool kit works.
(That was one of the tricky issues that I had to deal with. These carbs are vacuum operated but the linkage and the main spring is what keeps them closed until the higher rpm's. The center carb is never closed during acceleration, it has a high air correction jet so the air fuel mixture leans out at higher rpm's and the extra fuel I need is then added by the Tillotsons. The Tillotsons don't open up completely either, it's very slight, they just add fuel and enough air to continue the acceleration. It's impossible not to be able to decelerate, once I let go of the pedal, the main spring (the stock VW one that is surrounded by the sleeve ) is what closes everything down)
Good luck with your tri power Lupe!

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