Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Re boost

There is an exprestion saying that "time flies, when you are having fun"
And boy it surely does!
It seems only yesterday that I found my Judson on a danish swapmeet, and spend a hole winter collecting parts and finding out how to restore such a beast.
But now 4 years and about 30.000km later, the Judson was in a need for a overhaul!
Meaning the the rotor slots were worn, and it needed new blades.
And up for that job was my friend, and fellow Johndoe member Ulrik.
While Ulrik was working late hours on the Judson I spent the winter months installing a fresh set of total seal piston rings in the engine.
And now I am ready for some summer cruising.
Thank you for your help Ulrik!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ja tak og i lige m├ąde :-) It's nice to hear the Judson whine again.

/Ulrik Thomsen