Saturday, 12 April 2008

Feel the curb

I have sort of a love and hate relationsship with these curb feelers.
On one side they are accessories (which is good, we all now that there is no such thing as too many accessories :-) ) on the other hand they sometimes just look like some old welding wire hanging from your car.
I haven´t had these on my car the last couple of years but today I put them back on.
The funniest thing about them is all the comments from the "general" public that doesn´t know what they are for. The funniest one is properly this: "why do you have these 2 antennas on the side of your car? Is it one for AM and one FM???"


Håkon said...


Jeg har også sånne curbfeelers! Men jeg har ikke funnet noen ok måte å feste de på? Har du et bilde av det?

Peter Plade Nielsen said...

Jeg har bare monteret dem på det nederste af skærmene.