Monday, 7 April 2008

Treasure hunt

Yesterday my good friend Jens and I drove the oval to visit an elderly man who had contacted me saying that he had some old oil filters that I might be able to use.
He had several and different kinds of Fram filters among others the F3 model used on okrasa and other vintage speed engines.
But the one that was really cool was a Fram filter made specially for volkswagen NOS in box. I have never seen that version before, it mounts to the left rear inner wing with a bracket, and the oil is taken from the pressure outlet and returned to the engine beside distributor (it´s the same way as most F3 filters are connected also on my own Judson engine) The filter hasn´t got a changeable element inside like the F3, it´s the hole unit you change each time.
It says it fits from engine No 1-090762 what engine is that?
Anybody there has seen one these filter before?

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