Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Treasure hunt 2

In my eager to show you guys the Fram filters the other day (is there realy no one that knows that kit made for vw?) I totally forgot to show you these A pillar protectors.
The elderly man who I bought the filters from, just found them in his office.
They aren´t exactly the prettiest version I´ve seen, but I think they are pretty cool.
And when we were ready to leave standing beside the 54, it turned out that he had owned a 53, also sporting a Judson. I have never before met anyone that has run a Judson back in the days. He said, he knew that rattle sound that most Judsons make, and that he had been working at a little garage, were they had mounted 3-4 Judsons in his time, how cool is that?

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